"Before I grow out of this suit, I will attend a blender conference!" – Sixthlaw


Sixthlaw is buying a domain! 3D, technology, projects etc.

You heard right guys, we are buying ourselves a website. This new website will have loads of awesome content that we are sure will make it your favorite website! 3D news/projects/tutorials, technology news/reviews/projects and OS news/reviews will all be included in this great site, and will allow our large fan-base and community to use a professional, friendly environment while engaging in our new content.


This website should be launched by the weekend!



That’s right! Sixthlaw has seen that you guys want a tutorial on how to use SmallLuxGPU renderer and so that’s exactly what he is going to do. Expect this tutorial in Sixthlaw’s next Monthly update, due to be online the weekend of the 26th! Remember if there is anything else that you would like covered in a tutorial then let us know on the contact page or email us at Sixthlaw3d@gmail.com

Happy Blendering

Update Impending

Sixthlaw and I are currently working hard to bring you your next monthly update in the weeks to come. In this update you can expect some new tutorials, renders and reviews, Also in the mean time remember if you have anything that you would like covered in a tutorial or any questions about blender and 3D then head to our contact page and let us know what you want, otherwise you can email us at sixthlaw3d@gmail.com,

Happy Blendering

Monthly Update 27/10/10 – wallpaper apocalypse

Hey guys this is Quandite again.

Wallpaper Apocalypse
It’s hard to believe that a whole month has passed by already and although Sixthlaw and myself have been insanely busy, I have made sure that this month still bigger and better than last month. To start us off for today i have some renders that Sixthlaw has whipped up and lightly tweaked in the gimp to improve your desktop ten-fold. ENJOY!








Some of  you may have noticed that earlier today, the forum page was taken down. Sadly this is not a mistake and stems from a miscommunication with ning (our community forum host). While this is frustrating it means that we (the sixthlaw 3D team) can look into better options for forums and community involvement, so in the long run you guys are the winners. In the mean time you can send any questions you have about blender or design to sixthlaw3d@gmail.com or use our new intergrated contact form that can be found in place of our old forum tab. Remember look out for answers in the following weekly update.

Happy Blendering!


Monthly Update 06/09/10 – A promise Is A Promise

As I promised earlier in the week, Sixthlaw 3D is getting itself a nice overhaul so that we can deliver you with high level content more often. One of these new changes is the introduction of weekly updates. These will be a lovely big chunk of Sixthlaw content in the one place for you to go nuts with. As Sixthlaw is extremely busy working to bring you amazing renders and tutorials, it has fallen to me (Quandite) to bring these weekly updates, but don’t rule out the chance of having Sixthlaw drop by every so often to answer any questions you may have.


It’s too late to Apologise…

Hey guys this is Quandite , the site admin here at Sixthlaw 3d design. I would like to apologize for the lack of content and tutorial updates of late. Sixthlaw and myself have been pursuing some individual projects and have become a little distracted. But never fear… Sixthlaw and I are back and we have a good vision for the weeks to come. Expect content, expect reviews and expect regular community involvement. (chat’s, comps and more) and as usual , expect the best Blender tutorials on the web.

Remember to spread the word about Sixthlaw 3D and Happy Blendering!