"Before I grow out of this suit, I will attend a blender conference!" – Sixthlaw

Monthly Update 06/09/10 – A promise Is A Promise

Hey guys this is Quandite again.

A Promise is a Promise…
As I promised earlier in the week, Sixthlaw 3D is getting itself a nice overhaul so that we can deliver you with high level content more often. One of these new changes is the introduction of weekly updates. These will be a lovely big chunk of Sixthlaw content in the one place for you to go nuts with. As Sixthlaw is extremely busy working to bring you amazing renders and tutorials, it has fallen to me (Quandite) to bring these weekly updates, but don’t rule out the chance of having Sixthlaw drop by every so often to answer any questions you may have.

Such Is The Life Of A Designer…
This week gone has seen Sixthlaw take to the skies for a trip to Melbourne to scope out some trends for his architectural renders (and maybe also to woo his lovely GF). While there he has lived the Melbourne life, done valuable research for his personal projects (which you will be able to see soon) and has fallen in love with coffee. Sadly the biggest thing Sixthlaw left Melbourne with was not the latest trends but instead the fact that he wanted a coffee machine and he wanted it soon. This meant that all week, all i heard was “I need a coffee machine, because that’s what all designer’s have!” and various other role plays where i saw myself meeting with Sixthlaw and instead of buying coffee we could now make it! Anyway, Sixthlaw pushed through this and still managed to get some work done as well as whip up this lovely piece of 3D fan art, I aptly call ‘Ode to a Bean’

Ode to a Bean

Ode to a Bean!

Facebook Official…

That’s right people, Sixthlaw3D is now on facebook. This means that you can now receive updates about content from the comfort of your News Feed and while most of our status updates are going to be regurgitated from the blog, don’t rule out the chance of the odd FB exclusive. So to avoid missing this absolutely priceless online experience, be sure to like us and then tell all your friends! Look we even made it simple for you, go to our Facebook page and like us!

Brand Spanking…
This section is for all, never before seen content. Brand spanking new! This week I bring you just one tutorial, but don’t worry it’s a good one.

Ever wondered about the black blurry area around some pictures? The type that draws the viewer’s attention to the middle, focal point of the image. This effect is called ‘Vignetting’ and this week Sixthlaw has pulled out his old friends the Iphone and the Node Editor to show you how you too can achieve this relatively simple but awesome effect.

Coming Up…
In the week to come, you can expect…

A new tutorial -> This will cover another aspect of the Node Editor.

A new review -> Sixthlaw or I will take a look at KDE Netbook and give you our honest opinion.

In Case You Blinked…
If you missed the review earlier this month of the KDE Desktop, here is the place to catch up. Sixthlaw takes a quick poke around and tells you what he thinks of this Kubuntu variant.

That’s All Folks…
This sadly brings our first weekly update to an end. I hope you have been able to fill you screen with enough information to satisfy your hunger for now, but if not, I will be back again next week to bring you any more updates I can manage to get a hold of. In the mean time there are plenty of things you can do to help make Sixthlaw 3D better. Firstly, you can add us on Facebook and tell all your friends. Secondly  you can send any questions you want answered in the next weekly update to: sixthlaw3d@gmail.com . That should keep you busy for now. So until next time, this is Quandite and Happy Blendering!


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