"Before I grow out of this suit, I will attend a blender conference!" – Sixthlaw


First community chat date

Tonight will be Sixthlaw 3d’s first community chat date. Sixthlaw will be online at the forums between 5 and 6pm (EST) Join him to discuss anything 3d .


Architectural WIP – Kitchen concept

These renders are concept art for my new upcoming architectural project, where i will be planning and designing a small two-story apartment… read more>

Blender Iphone Tutorial Promo!

Hey guys and welcome to another Sixthlaw3d upgrade!

This animation is a sneak preview into an Iphone Tutorial on the new tutorials DVD due to be released later this year!


Blender Architectural Tutorial Intro is up!

Hey again guys and welcome to another Sixthlaw3d Tutorial!

Ever had the problem that Blender units could not measure correctly to an architectural project? How do you know what the difference between a metre and a centimetre is in blender? How can you find the area of an object? The angles? These questions and more, are answered  in this simple tutorial! Enjoy! :)


Depth Of Field tutorial just added!

Hey guys!

New Depth Of Field tutorial just added! This tutorial is professional and super-easy, ensuring that this function will easily become second nature! A new tutorial will be realeased every week!

 Check the latest tutorial out here> Depth of field


Thats right .
Sixthlaw 3D Design is now on Twitter. So for all you Twits out there, follow us at: http://twitter.com/Sixthlaw3D

Sixthlaw 3D Design Community Forum

Here you can contribute opinions, ask questions and even request future tutorials. Stay up to date with whats going on here by subscribing to the RSS feed. Stay tuned for Competitions and Community chat dates where I will be available for live chat to answer any questions you may have. So sign up and get involved!

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