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That’s right! Sixthlaw has seen that you guys want a tutorial on how to use SmallLuxGPU renderer and so that’s exactly what he is going to do. Expect this tutorial in Sixthlaw’s next Monthly update, due to be online the weekend of the 26th! Remember if there is anything else that you would like covered in a tutorial then let us know on the contact page or email us at Sixthlaw3d@gmail.com

Happy Blendering


Photo real Architecture

This image is from an architectural project I recently undertook. I first designed the room in ArchiCad and then exported the model into Blender. To create the effect I was going for I would have to get the correct lighting in the room. This was a bit of a problem as the blender internal renderer, even though it had the ability of inderect lighting, did not have the appropriate light algorithms to achieve a photo-realistic image. To do this I used the “In development” version of LuxGpu. This was a good move as I had two graphics cards SLI’d for some heavy gpu power. Anyway please comment and Enjoy!